Friday, April 10, 2015

The Best Part of Me

This past month the Art Department and Classroom Teachers collaborated on writing/art project.  The students were to identify the best part of themselves and write why they choose that particular part.  When the students attended Art, they then used the iPads, taking pictures of each others best parts.  I was truly amazed by this project and HIGHLY recommended to you to try this project.

All the Best Part of Me pieces are displayed throughout the school.  The photographs are beautiful.  The children have an 'eye' for capturing their peers best parts.

As a movement educator I fell in love with the composition piece of this project.  The children identified there Best Parts as necessary for movement, play, sports. and living.  Their writing is truly beautiful, detailed and it has depth.  

We are born to move and the students understand this.  Their Best Parts enable them to enjoy life and provides them with challenges, enjoyment, and confidence today and in the future.  

After reading their compositions I wondered..... WHAT IS THE BEST PART OF ME?  


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