Friday, September 21, 2012

Jump Rope Chart

 It's On!
The first and second grade students have officially challenged a High School PE class and the High School students have accepted.  The kids created a video and emailed the video to the high school physical education teacher.  Meanwhile, I tallied and charted ALL the jumps thus far.  We can not wait to add the High School class to our chart.  Click here for more information on jump rope for heart.  At this link you will be able to support our Jump Rope for Heart campaign and learn how to stay heart healthy. We will continue our Jump Rope for Heart fundraising through September.  Jump Rope for Heart forms are due back by Friday, October 5, 2012. Happy jumping!
Look how many this class jumped!

Students pause in the morning light to check out their class scores.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jump Rope

Students our jumping for heath and fun and world records.  As a kick off to our annual Jump Rope for Heart Program, I have challenged the kids to test their jump abilities, determine their high score (consecutive jumps) and then try to beat that number.  Classrooms are now competing with each other.  The students have added all their scores together and are comparing their heart healthy jumps to the neighboring rooms.  One class went as far as creating a challenge video and sending it to the high school.  The 2nd grade class is challenging a high school physical education class to a jump off.  The video was so sweet.  The second graders jumped over 2,000 times and they asked the high school students to try to beat that.  I hope this continues through out the year.

Monday, September 10, 2012

QR Codes for Elementary PE

Last year I created QR Code Trees for a family fitness night that I hosted.
For more info on QR codes for PE, please see my Connect Journey page of this blog.  On this page you find a link that will help you create your own QR Code Trees from the Daring Librarian.
For those that teach secondary students check out the Physical Educator Blog .  They have great QR posters that are sport specific.