Favorite Foods

One of my favorite snacks after a long workout is a Banana Dog.
Ingredients include but are not limited to:

Whole wheat hot dog bun
Natural peanut butter
Sunflower seeds
Chocolate chips
Yum Yum
Dry oatmeal 
Mix it up to your taste.

Homemade Fruit and Veggie shakes are a great way to start the day or to complete a workout.  I gather my ingredients, throw them in the blender, and freeze my mix in mason jars. I pull a jar in the morning and drink it when I get to school.  When I bike, trail run or swim I grab a jar on my way out the door. After my workout I have a great recovery drink.

My Green Fruit and Veggie Shake

Some of my favorite foods can be prepared the night before or even a week in advance.  On Sundays I line up 5 Mason Jars, fill them with plain Greek yogurt, mixed berries and top each with homemade granola.  I also use Mason Jars for salads and soups.

Mason Jar Salad

I also like to make fruit shakes or smoothies in advance.  I blend up a large batch, portion the mix in Mason jars the freeze.

Green Smoothies: A Power Packed Breakfast | Hellobee

 I love the fruit shakes after my workouts.  I'm a morning person so I'm usually at the gym by 5am.  The smoothie is ready to drink as I drive from the gym to school.  For more Mason Jar ideas visit my Pinterest page.

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