Thursday, October 13, 2016

Superheros in PE

This year I converted the gymnasium into Superhero Headquarters.  The students are loving the change.  Throughout the lesson I link the our superhero theme.  We started the year discussing our fitness levels and abilities.  I was able to obtain anchor charts from Teachers Pay Teachers which outlined the health components of fitness using PE Superhero Friends.  I have to say it was a great investment.  I plan on expanding the theme a little bit each year.  Do you want other great gym themes?  Check out Kevin Tillers site (especially if your into Star Wars).

Physical Literacy Packs

With the help of a long distance PE friend (Kevin Tiller) and a generous community grant I was able to create these wonderful physical literacy bags.  I very excited to offer a home and school physical activity back pack.  The P.A.L. Pack is stuffed with equipment, a users manual and picture books.  Families have the opportunity to try fun physical activity challenges, read exciting books related to health, fitness and wellness and make a commitment to better family health.  The P.A.L. Packs will be made available through a rotation of each class . Students will receive notice before the P.A.L. Pack is do to come home.


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Noodle Games

Highlights From PE Institute 2105

A few OHIO teachers.
We joined the Billion Mile Race
Don Hellison and Daryl Siedentop are Honored
Key Notes Receiving Special Native American Game

The Power of Twitter and the National PE Institute 2015

About five years ago our technology department offered a course called The Connected Journey.  This was an online, self-paced exploration of the power of social media and education.  The Connected Journey encourage participants to explore the use of iPads, Twitter, and blogs.  I'm sure there were other requirements but at this time my memory of them is blank.

I was a Twitter hater.  My attitude about Twitter was unfounded.  I was in general a non user of any social media.  I did not have a Facebook page, I did no t have a Twitter account or Instagram.  I did not feel these platforms could offer me any additional help in my educational development.  Boy was I wrong!

Twitter has changed my teaching, classroom, and student learning.

Through Twitter I have met so many wonderful #physed teachers.


I wish I could list all the fabulous #physed professionals I have worked with through Twitter.  Over the last five years I have followed multiple physical education topics, best practices and initiatives in the field of health and physical education.  I have participated in a few collaborative projects via Twitter using Goodle Docs.  Because of Twitter I have increased my personal professional development and have a professional learning community that reaches across the world.  It has been a truly amazing experience.

This year I was blessed to be able to attend the National Physical Education Institute 2015 in Asheville North Carolina.

What made the Institute unique is that it brought the Twitter Community together for the first time.  For example the Physedagogy team has been working together for years on projects through social media, webinars and Google.  In their own words -  
The idea for PHYSEDagogy originated on a cold, dark, January night in 2013. That night, a group of Physical Education professionals who had been connecting on Twitter as self-identified “PE Geeks,” hosted a roundtable discussion via Google Hangout that they called “PE Geeks Unite”. After that initial conversation, members of the group decided to go further and on a Friday night in February participated in the first PE Geeks Unite Roundtable that was broadcasted live on YouTube via a Google Hangout On Air. One of the members of that group, Adam Howell, had an idea to launch a recurring video series that he called the PHYSEDagogy Teacher Spotlight. The idea was to merge the terms physical education and pedagogy into one. Thus, the birth of what would eventually become
Not only did this team meet meet for the first time in Asheville but, I too was able to meet my Twitter PLN.  I was able to finally shake hands and personally thank those educators who have supported, challenged, and assisted in my development as a physical education teacher.  I am so grateful that I was afforded the opportunity to attend the Institute and for all those who participated in the event.

I continue to contact this community via Twitter as I improve my assessment techniques, positive behavior program, and pedagogical models.  I have found Twitter to be one of the most valuable tool I use in physical education.  

If you are a PE teacher and you have not yet joined Twitter I strongly encourage you to do so.  If you are on Twitter and want to increase your participatory level check out Voxer.  It too is a great venue for the physical education community.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Play 60 Challenge

Craddock won the Play 60 challenge.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Hand Clapping Games