Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jump Rope

Students our jumping for heath and fun and world records.  As a kick off to our annual Jump Rope for Heart Program, I have challenged the kids to test their jump abilities, determine their high score (consecutive jumps) and then try to beat that number.  Classrooms are now competing with each other.  The students have added all their scores together and are comparing their heart healthy jumps to the neighboring rooms.  One class went as far as creating a challenge video and sending it to the high school.  The 2nd grade class is challenging a high school physical education class to a jump off.  The video was so sweet.  The second graders jumped over 2,000 times and they asked the high school students to try to beat that.  I hope this continues through out the year.


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  2. Can we see the video the students sent to the high school?

  3. Hi Sophia, Unfortunately I do not have the video or the video response from the high school students. I used the iPad and the entire class stood behind one classmate who then stated the challenge. The videos were passed through messaging.