Tuesday, October 9, 2012

KSU Teachers Play the Crabby Patty Game

Kent State teachers played games that focused on fitness.  Students here at C.___ played the Crabby Patty game .  In crab position students had to pick up 'crabby patties' and carry them back to home base.  The students learned about muscular strength and endurance through this game.  When in group, the students were able to come up with reasons why they needed muscular strength at home.  "We need to carry out the trash cans and to help mom with the laundry" one student stated.  The students were also able to identify the monkey bars, fire pole and climbing walls on the playground as placed were muscular strength was needed.
What chores do you do at home that need muscle strength?

Crab race back to home base.

Searching for Crabby Patties.

Raise the Roof helps with leg strength.
Fitness games are exhausting.  

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