Monday, August 27, 2012

Responsible Personal and Social Behavior

Week one of school was a success.  The students were excited to be back in the gymnasium.  Other than my little fall on the clean floor, week one went off with out a hitch.  The students enjoyed the locomotor challenges and exploring ways to create and close space in the gym.

This week in Physical Education I will be targeting Ohio PE Standards 5 and 6 related to personal and social responsibility and the value of physical activity.  I chose to use pool noodle games to teach these concepts.  I am adapting my lessons from ideas described in the book Chicken and Noodle Games 141 Fun Activities With Innovative Equipment.  The games will invite the students to use skills related to throwing and catching, cooperation, conflict resolution, problem solving and social interaction.

Students work in teams to lift a ball.
Partners work together to carry a noodle to a target.
A team of 4 struggle to hold onto the ball.

Students try to move around the gym while stuck to a friend.
Success, "We picked it Up!"


  1. Really cool idea! Thanks for sharing ;)

  2. These are great activities. I am going to try these with my 3rd graders. Thanks for all the ideas.

  3. Great Team Building Activities. We are going to use this with our fifth graders. Thank you!

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  6. This is very clever, I'm trying it out today! Thank you

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